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And all users are just provided this link, which is not sufficient for most retail traders to connect ninjatrader with pi - What is the REAL REASON for not providing a step by step manual for connecting Ninjatrader with pi ?Is it done with the intention to FORCE zerodha clients to susbcribe for Neo Trade Analytics even if they have proper data feeds like esignal or GFDL or True Data India etc. Why Ninjatrader users are being forced by zerodha to subscribe for a specific data vendor, if they want to connect Ninjatrader with Pi ? Either mention that you do not support Ninja Trader connection with Pi on your website, or provide a Detailed and Step by Step Manual to connect Pi with Ninja Trader, just as you have done for Amibroker.

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The Quantum Tick Speedometer indicator is easy to install and configure, then presents all the tick data for you simply and graphically.

All you have to do is start trading and join the professionals today.

If we have many requests to Ninjatrader dll we can start building that dll also.

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Thanks and regards ok, I have started this thread on traderji now - I will be asking the same question on all other trading forums as well.

So that new users becomes aware of this problem with zerodha.That would be a great help for all other users who are trying to do that without success.Please do not take my post in negative manner, I am just expressing the frustration which is expericed by a lot of clients of zerodha, who are also users of Ninja Trader and want to connect them both.Please read the linked websites' terms and conditions.The Quantum Tick Speedometer indicator has been designed with one simple objective. Second, the indicator acts as the bridge between time and tick.And it is my humble request, do not post this link as solution, because this information is not sufficient.

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