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If you don't have access to a scanner, we can do if for yo for free.Think before you write: Feel free to write as much as you want in our essay portionsof your profile.What are some tips to remember when creating my profile?

If you can't think of anything right away, you can always add more later.

And don't forget to fill out the optional profile questions - these will als o help other members get to know you even better.

Some men assume that stability and money is sufficient in order to build stable relations. Its better that she realises your other merits during the personal encounter.

It goes without saying; there are women, who are guided by financial motives in all perspectives. Only do not overdo it with the creation of your "portrait".

We have in our database Russian brides who are SERIOUS, actively looking, who answer letters, who are real, this means that all Russian brides you can see on this site is in the position to have instant access to Internet many of them have their own computer and so the possibility to stay in touch quite often. There is an impression that there are millions of them.

We have about 7000 girls now in our database and we can provide safety and availability for everybody is it enough to join us right now? No, there are just several very active criminal groups that work in shifts. Of course, there are some scammers that do not belong anywhere , they just do it for their own profit, but they are often put to black lists and it is difficultto scam for them after that (their victims find them there easily and ask questions).

But they sooner or later show their user's motives, and they will unlikely be interesting to you. Create a virtual image for yourself On the site we are associated with the virtual characters, created by our imagination from the photographs, forms and letters. In spite of artistic enhancements, it must reflect the real and significant side of your "I".

If you thought the wishes of the imaginary chosen-one unreal - return to the first point, reduce the requirements and imagine a woman with a less rigid criteria. Imagine the man, who will be most attractive for the type of woman selected by you. Otherwise, with the encounter, mutual disappointment will ensnare you both. Display activity and initiative There are thousands of forms on the site - to wait when you will be noticed can take years.

And its not a given fact that these will be women with whom you would desire to be introduced.

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