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Its scattered range extends from Chad in the north to South Africa in the south, and from Niger in the west to Somalia in the east. Their food source is leaves, fruits and flowers of woody plants, primarily acacia species, which they browse at heights most other herbivores cannot reach.

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Their closest known relatives are the extinct deer-like climacocerids.

They, together with the family Antilocapridae (whose only extant species is the pronghorn), belong to the superfamily Giraffoidea.

Giraffids like Palaeotragus, Shansitherium and Samotherium appeared 14 mya and lived throughout Africa and Eurasia.

These animals had bare ossicones and small cranial sinuses and were longer with broader skulls.

The giraffe's chief distinguishing characteristics are its extremely long neck and legs, its horn-like ossicones, and its distinctive coat patterns.

It is classified under the family Giraffidae, along with its closest extant relative, the okapi.

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