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At time’s I feel like I’m going to pass out, and seeing me that satisfied, is his ultimate fantasy, mine to.

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Bill looked down at his whimpering wife, holding my legs spread wide in the air and said “my wife likes it hard and eats cum like a slut, but first I’m gonna eat her gorgeous little wet pussy”.

Bob shoved his stiff cock in my mouth and Bill was eating my cunt, watching me moan and gag on Bob’s cock.

We like talking dirty to each other, it adds to the excitement.

One night we decided to go dancing at a swingers bar, unaware that my sick husband planed a surprise for me.

We were drinking, flirting, talking dirty and Bill was playing with my pussy under the table, getting me excited.

I said, I don’t know if I like sitting with all you hungry wolfs! I was so excited and couldn’t wait to get Bill and one of the guys home, and feeling Bob’s hard cock pressing against me, excited me even more.

His biggest turn on is when I’m having an orgasm, which sounds like someone’s stabbing me to death with pleasure.

Knowing how much it excites him makes it even more intense for me.

Walking over I noticed a couple in the corner booth were actually fucking and next to them a guy was licking his date’s pussy.

Bill smiled and introduced me to Doug’s five nice looking friends, two of them were black.

Being a classy place we dressed up and I wore a short, low cut white dress and no bra or panties, it makes me feel so accessible and naughty, just the way Bill likes it.

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