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Nevertheless, there were some notable exclusions from the census.

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Detailed data of Myanmar's 2014 census—the first to be conducted in over 30 years—were released at the end of May.

Despite the census' hefty price tag, its findings are invaluable, as they provide a firm statistical basis for policymaking and donor interventions in the years ahead.

Provisional results were released in August 2014 with some surprising results.

In particular, they showed that the country's actual population was much lower than previously thought, at 51.5m.

Reforms outlined in the government's Comprehensive Education Sector Review will continue in the coming years, gradually improving skill levels to accommodate a greater number of industries.

Most migrants are in Thailand The movement of people is a key consideration for policymakers and international donors, whether its internal (such as urbanisation) or external (outward/inward migration).Young and educated Myanmar has a significantly large youth population: the median age is 27 and about 55% are under the age of 30, according to the recently released figures.This demographic youth bulge, with those aged 15–29 accounting for about one-quarter of the population, presents an excellent opportunity for sustainable economic growth.This rise helps to explain the respective falls in neighbouring Bago and Ayeyarwady state.Yangon now boasts the highest population—a position held previously by Ayeyarwady.On a separate note, 61% of the 2m abroad are male, which goes some way in explaining the variance in Myanmar's sex ratio (93 males per 100 females).

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