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I was 24 years old, and on some days I felt as though I were plagued by jealousy and misanthropic thoughts every time I passed a happy couple on the street.

) made my own life accomplishments (did my laundry for the first time in three weeks! Where I once daydreamed about seeing my byline on the cover of a bestselling novel, I now alternated between wedding-day fantasies and nightmares featuring lots of cats.

Suddenly it seemed as though the world had gotten smaller, and my sole occupation was searching for a suitable mate while trying to hold onto my dignity.

“There are numerous reasons, which fall into three categories, and possibly a combination of the three,” she says. By understanding why you don’t like your best friend’s SO, you can learn to tackle the problem head-on.

It will help you determine whether your dislike is warranted.

When had everyone else turned into those real adults, with real lives and real relationships and real plans for the future, shedding the shape of undergrads who stayed up too late and used “points” to purchase meals in the dining hall? Over the past few months, I’d watched nearly every close friend of mine enter a serious (or at least semi-serious) relationship.

I cringed each time I logged onto Facebook, where an inevitable procession of wedding photos and engagement announcements (OMG so excited 4 u!!!

Avant que nous puissions vous montrer une liste et des photos de femmes qui vivent près de chez vous et sont prêtes à avoir des relations sexuelles dès maintenant nous devons nous poser quelques questions rapides.

You sit on your bed alone on a Saturday night, endlessly bored and way too single.

When my roommate introduced me to her new boyfriend, did he wonder why I couldn’t do the same?

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