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The foremost of these was Wilmington resident Cornelius Harnett, who served in the General Assembly at the time, where he rallied opposition to the Sugar Act in 1764.When the British Parliament passed the Stamp Act the following year, designed to raise revenue for the Crown with a kind of tax on shipping, Wilmington was the site of an elaborate demonstration against it.

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The World War II battleship USS North Carolina is held as a war memorial; moored across from the downtown port area, the ship is open to public tours.

Other attractions include the Cape Fear Museum, and the Wilmington Hammerheads United Soccer Leagues soccer team.

As the indentured servants gained their freedom and fewer could be persuaded to leave England because of improving conditions there, the colonists imported an increasing number of African slaves to satisfy the labor demand.

Many worked in the port as laborers, and some in ship-related trades.

"Dream Stage 10," the facility's newest sound stage, is the third-largest in the US.

It houses the largest special-effects water tank in North America.Naval stores and lumber fueled the region's economy, both before and after the American Revolution.During the Revolutionary War, the British maintained a garrison at Fort Johnston near Wilmington.The population is 112,067; according to the 2010 Census it is the eighth most populous city in the state.Wilmington is the principal city of the Wilmington Metropolitan Statistical Area, a metropolitan area that includes New Hanover and Pender counties in southeastern North Carolina, which has a population of 263,429 as of the 2012 Census Estimate.The first permanent European settlement in the area started in the 1720s with English colonists.

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