Mum dating

Complete the sentences with the correct form of the word Charles Darwin was a famous ( science).

redating your ex boyfriend - Mum dating

When you are up with the latest fashions you feel you are an individual. More than that I don’t care what other people wear. My elder brother’s mates have spiky hair, tattoos and piercing.

If I could I would wear different pieces of clothing every day. I wish my brother wouldn’t do that but he doesn’t listen. I don’t know if they are right or not but I would never have all those things.

___ capital is in the centre of ___ country and the population is about fort-six million. They often have ___ snack before dinner because they have ___ dinner quite late, at 9 p.m.

They usually eat at ___ home but, in big cities, they can't always do this.

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Somebody________ you a present from your favourite chocolate shop!

Your best firned____________you to an interesting new music shop!

Your best friend will take you to an interesting new music shop! You_______ problems paying for somethings sily if you go to the shop! You_______annoyed with a very bossy shop assistant!

CNBLUE EUPHORIA 作曲:LEE JONG HYUN | HAN SEUNG HOON 作詞︰LEE JONG HYUN 歌詞 I don’t know why I never feel fine.

Somebody will give you a present from your favourite chocolate shop!

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