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Besides that Yoni worship, animal worship, tree worship, fire worship, water worship, naga worship, and sun worship were common practices. The theory of Aryans invading India is controversial.

Some historians believe that theory was propagated by British in order to lessen the importance of Hindu culture and Vedas but most of the scholars believe that the original home of Aryans was Central Asia. Aryans expanded their reign to Afghanistan, Uttar Pradesh, and the basin of Ganges.

Mai made the unusual decision to defy her rapists and take them to court.

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Family member Muhammad Bilal, 25, said after they learned of the first rape - which was committed last week - they went to the 12-year-old's family to seek forgiveness.'Their women started shouting and their men asked us to first bring Umar's sister (the 16-year-old) then they will talk about it,' he said.'But when we came back with the girl, the men and the council decided that the same act would be done to the girl.

What could we do, in our village disputes are settled like this.'Both the girls are now staying in a women's shelter and were due to meet the provincial chief minister Shahbaz Sharif, brother of the prime minister, later today.

Pakistan's Supreme Court has also ordered an investigation into the incident.

A senior police officer said: 'I have suspended the Assistant Superintendent of Police, Deputy Superintendent of Police, Station House Officer and the Assistant Sub Inspector.

We seek pardon and we promise not to do it again,' said Mohammad Amin, 45, a member of the jirga who is now in police custody.

A jirga was involved in one of South Asia's most infamous cases of sexual violence against women when, in 2002, it ordered the gang rape of a woman called Mukhtar Mai after her brother was falsely accused of rape.Vedic period was perhaps the best period for Hindu Religion. The status of woman was high but unfortunately it deteriorated over the time.During Vedic period, there was no rigid caste system. There is mention of many Gods and Goddesses in Rig Veda which later developed into Vedic mythology.It was here that the distraught young victim says she was subjected to a revenge rape at the orders of the village council.Members of the jiga have been arrested amid the allegations.In this article, we will try to shed light on the facts about history of Hinduism.

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