dating man with children - Ms access vba screen updating

During that 1 second delay, control will be released from your code back to the Access application and it can then process other events like screen redraws.

The screen is frozen until all the files have been copied.

I suppose you could at least display a form that says "Processing, please wait." But for that form to get a chance to display properly, you could set a timer for 1 second or so before beginning any lengthy loops.

When I move to another application and then come back, I see a merge of the two screens.

Then sometimes when I run code (different code entirely) there is no problem flipping back and forth.

I usually find that it is not a single line, or even a few lines.

It usually happens in loops, and when I break the code, it breaks no problem.The other strange thing is that when I check out the performance (via the task manager) the cpu is really not tied up all that much. If task manager shows that the CPU isn't at 100%, then it could be that it's waiting for disk or network I/O...Do you have any code in the loop that would be doing something like updating thousands of rows, copying files or accessing a network (ODBC, internet download, etc).I currently open a "processing" form and force it to repaint before the code really gets started, but once they flip away and then back, it gets all tangled.Can you think of anything I could put in the long loops to test to see if Access needs the attention, give it to it, them take it back?One place I notice it is when I loop through all records in a table and one field is File Name.

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