Mother impersonating daughter on dating site single parent dating introducing the children

Maya, a divorced 45-year-old preschool teacher and holistic therapist from central Israel, has always believed in romantic destiny, in meeting a soul mate who would seem familiar to her soon after she had met him.

That’s why, when a man named Darren Hartman, an American Apache Helicopter Pilot stationed in Afghanistan, contacted her on Tinder, she decided she wanted to get to know him better.

One woman knew the man in the photos as Martin Cowles, another as Zane Martin.

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He wrote to her multiple times a day, asking how she was doing and expressing empathy. He was devoted to the army but was also looking forward to meeting the right woman and retiring.

He told her his life’s story: that his father was German and his mother American and that at the age of 17 he moved to the United States with his mother, where he enlisted in the US Army. It did not hurt that the photos he sent Maya were of a very handsome, physically fit man with brown hair, blue eyes, and an open, kind expression.

Not to worry, Darren assured her, he would return the money as soon as he arrived in Israel; he simply did not have access to his bank account from his army base in Afghanistan.

Maya paid the $2,300 total, to a certain “Christy Perkins” at a Western Union in Florida, but soon afterward she was contacted by one of Darren’s commanders asking her to pay another $2,500 for a plane ticket. “I met a guy on the internet, but he keeps asking for money.” When this reporter suggested she was being scammed, Maya wasn’t ready to accept it.

In retrospect, she realizes he must have studied her Facebook profile for clues of what to talk to her about.

But at the time, she felt she had never experienced such a strong connection in such a short time. Soon he was telling her that he knew she was “the one,” and that he wanted to plan a future together.“Sweet dreams,” he would text before she went to sleep at night. “I guess that was strange that he wanted something serious without having ever met in person.I used to tell him we have to meet and see how it goes.” Maya now realizes that should have been a red flag.It was rare to meet a man who was so tuned in to her.For instance, Maya was a breast cancer survivor and coincidentally Darren told her his mother had died of breast cancer.In some photos, he was horsing around with his young child. One day Darren told Maya his grandmother had been named Batya — like Pharaoh’s daughter. Darren replied that he did not know, that every time his father tried to talk about it, he started to cry.

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