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Spiritual successor to Barbftr, featuring the same wonderful gameplay you're used to with an array of new, interesting creatures! Different preds react differently, and second set of arrows in the menu (those that show you the ways you can move) shows what can you do with pleasure moves.

Lord knows this all wouldn't have been possible without his help. The icons are kind of achievements you can get for each monster.

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panftr vore game animated dinosaur pan dragon therizinosaurus croc grawr snek naga animation dragon noodle eastern barbftr charizard charizardess anal barbftr ice like like like-like absorption absorb Panftr! Finding them all is kind of a way to see if you found all that there is to see. I never noticed the "plaesure" move (arrows spacebar) before.

Like if Dinopotimus would continue to stroll after being idle for a while, going from a 'vore idle' to a 'vore walk' or even just 'walk' state.

Tesla by Guro2 Laza by Multimagyar I wonder if having some of the mobs continue to walk around when they are in the 'vore idle' state would add a new element to the game?

owo only say that I love your work, it's great that there is a game vore is completely non-fatal, include the young protagonist is adorable ~ I love the anal retention vore your last character, so hopefully more in the future uploads¡¡ I have a problem trying to do the anal vore on the Dinopotimus. Think it would be less work only having one head eat you, and animate the rest to just...move?

I read this article and he said there was anal vore and there is a picture of it on review. I know it would have been a pain to do all the heads, but one would be fine.

) Therizinosaurs by Imaginary Z Tough Lizard by Imaginary Z Raiy by darkdeathgrace Ice Snare by Superflame/Scourge!

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