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Please enter your mobile number below to begin receiving text message about important updates to your orders.You can enable or disable your text message alerts in Account Settings at any time.The ocean is their meditation and they revel in the tides.

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But when you look past their sun-kissed tans, perfectly tousled hair and sea salty charm, are surfers really the perfect partners? If you're on the fence about turning that spontaneous surfer into your steady significant other, heed our warnings below. At the end of the day, there's only one thing on their mind and, unless the surf forecast reads "poor conditions," it's probably not you.

For surfers, there is no "business casual," because they're in the business of being casual. If you end up with a surfer, you'll spend way too much time explaining why they can't wear jeans and slippers to a wedding.

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" Think that dating a surfer will lead to sweet hours cuddling on the shore together? Surfers don't go to the beach to stay on the sand all day.

Come sunset, you'll be busy trying to figure out which one of those dark silhouettes in the lineup is them while it gets colder and darker by the minute.

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Sure, the first time they took you out surfing might've been romantic, but every time after that they'll disappear and leave you alone in the white wash.

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