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” There is nothing found in between all the living kinds linking one species to another so they are most suitably called “ Missing Links”, for the simple reason that they do not exist.

Even the most elite Evolutions have been baffled by the lack of transitionary fossils.

What we would first like to display for the discerning mind is what can really be observed in the fossil record, which is subtly hidden from the unsuspecting onlooker in the museums of natural history around the world.

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In the world today we see that all life MUST come from life.

The Coelacanth was a creature presumed by the scientific body before 1953 to have been extinct for 75 million years and purported to be as old as 450 million years.

Surprisingly it looked the same as it's alleged 75 million year old fossilized ancestor.

It was found to be a fully functional fish type creature that forgot to evolve.

Another thing that is strangely missing from these displays are all the intermediate creatures that should exist (if Evolution is true) between invertebrates and vertebrates, fish and amphibians, the amphibians and reptiles, reptiles and the birds and mammals, and of course, monkeys and man.

In the gaps between all these taxonomies, should we not see thousands of intermediate creatures that have gradually changed from one species into another as Evolution claims?

The evidence clearly points to the Creation model of all things whereby God said, “let there be …” and there was.

“ For in six days the LORD made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that in them is” (Exodus ).

Evolutionists declare this process has been taking place through "natural selection" and "mutation", which leaves behind in its wake, the old models, so to say, which are replaced by higher forms of life.

Although Evolution cannot be seen happening today, this they say can be observed in the fossil record.

So what we need to do, as the Bible instructs us to do, is to “ Prove all things” (1 Thessalonians ).

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