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Turns out, all she was wearing was a trench coat and high heels.

I couldn't even eat; all I could think was, 'This is the sexiest thing I've ever seen.'" —"One time when we were watching a movie, she laid her head on my lap, took my hand, and slowly kissed each of my fingers, keeping her eyes locked on mine the whole time.

It lets me know that she's going to be ready to go when I get home." —"Recently she got me a gift certificate to Victoria's Secret.

At this point we were both suppressing giggles because the well-heeled crowd was clueless about our devious behavior, which made her sneaky seduction even hotter.

Finally, we ducked into an empty gallery room for a quick kiss, then took the shortest route possible to get our coats." —"Every once in a while my wife will surprise me with the best possible gift: an at-home sex date.

It was obvious she wanted to give me more than just kisses that night."—"Sometimes she'll grab my hand and take me to the bedroom.

Then she'll lay me down on the bed and have me watch her slowly undress. Plus, she's usually wearing lingerie under her clothes, which makes me even hotter." —"One morning while I was in the shower, my wife unexpectedly joined me and slowly soaped up my entire body.

I want to take her straight to the bedroom." —"Sometimes my wife speaks softly into my ear, saying nice things like,'You look sexy in that shirt' or 'I love you.' Then she flicks the inside of my ear with the tip of her tongue and takes my earlobe gently between her teeth.

That sends shivers down my spine every time." —"We were at a museum for a black-tie event and I was feeling sharp with my wife on my arm.She wears a lot of high heels, and she'll run the side of her foot up and down my calf, first on the outside of my leg, then the inside.Then she kicks off her shoes and caresses my legs with her bare feet. If we're at home or sitting in the dark back booth of our favorite neighborhood pub, she puts her bare feet in my lap, and...It always gets that pulse rate up higher." —"One night I was in the living room and my wife called me.As I walked down the hallway, I noticed a line of Hershey's Kisses leading into the master bedroom, ending in an arrow pointing toward the bed.So why not extend the pre-intercourse fun for as long as you can?

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