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I just moved into town and I don't really know anyone. I am really enthusiastic about "going down" on a girl. k57belair2 meet women in Rochester 33 years old Find That Amazing Woman “Looking for nothin serious, just a good friend/good time” I 5'11", athletic, light brown hair, green eyes. 6" Guess thats is what this sight is all about huh?TW1NTURBOT3RROR meet women in Keene 28 years old Find That Amazing Woman “Meet me and have some fun” I am 19 years old (20 in January), and I work as an auto technician. I enjoy doing anything that involves being outside.Camping, fishing, hiking, workin on a car all of that is good stuff. maybe catch an hour or so of dancing and then head back to a place for some alone time.

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He poured two glasses of white wine and asked to play the piano for me. After a few months, I did not think about Tom much. "I actually don’t remember."I do not mourn the loss of Craigslist Personals as some kind of thing that meaningfully wove goodwill into the fabric of gay culture.

I forget if I visited him again, truthfully, but that one night would remain etched in my memory forever. A lot of the time, people checked it because they’re nosy, creepy, or want to feel superior. But if this thing is going away, this is my way of saying thank you for giving a young gay man a place to go where he didn't have to feel alone.

When people ask where I'm from, I tell them I grew up in rural New Hampshire.

“Rural New Hampshire” is the sort of redundancy I thought I’d have stopped using after all these years, but it still seems apt.

But I was really just in a place where it didn’t matter as much, where there are enough gay people to make “a mile away” and “eighty miles away” a worthy difference. The way I knew how to close the door without creaking it.

Sometimes the world doesn’t let us forget what used to matter.

I tend to be easy going and dont let things upset, my main goal in life is to be happy and getting mad about little things will never help that.

I'm Interested in casual sexual fun, I think sex can be enjoyed as an activity by itself as many others do on this site.

Unemployed in New York City after selling the same car I had driven to make that first trip—seven years later—I saw a filtered message on Facebook.

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