Mcafee 8 0i not updating

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The 3.1.0 release uses a 64-bit hash function, currently performs 3-5% slower and has 1-2% worse compression. Re: Release 3.0.9 on Github Version 3.0.9 is a maintenance release.

This release contains minor bug fixes and compiler / portability improvements. As explained in README, the site is still under construction; issues and wiki pages were transferred from code.

Pass '-F' to xdelta3 and it will pass '-f' to the external compression command.

3.0y fixes several regressions introduced in 3.0w related to the new support for streaming the source file from a FIFO.

This issue may be transient and could be caused by one or more of the following: a) Name Resolution/Network Connectivity to the current domain controller.

b) File Replication Service Latency (a file created on another domain controller has not replicated to the current domain controller).

(Sorry for the delay.) (I would like to say not thank you to code.for disabling download support two days hence.)Re: Release 3.0.6 (source) (win32) (win-x64) This is a bug fix for a performance regression in 3.0.5, which I made available on November 12, 2012 without announcement.

The 3.0.5 encoder would achieve poor compression for inputs larger than the source window, due to an improper fix for issue 149. This has demonstrated several needed improvements in the release process I'm using, which I'll work on putting in the next release.

Checkins for 3.0.9 and a new "64bithash" branch are in the development repository, for now.

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