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we could have content about her not doing much rather than just not seeing her at all. He got a lot of air time, but none of it ever led anywhere or meant anything...for the first couple episodes they portrayed him as kinda a smarmy douche, but then the show did a total 180 and started talking about his "heroics" in challenges and turning him into this Three Amigos underdog.

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I was on Survivor seasons 22 (Redemption Island) and 26 (Caramoan).

I am most known for making my way back into the game on Redemption Island, and also being the only female to be voted out of the game with a hidden immunity idol! I've always been a lurker, but I just created my account a few days ago.

Doing total 180s like that without attempting to explain it is just sloppy storytelling.

I think that Caramoan had the makings to be a pretty damn good season, honestly.

And then Erik showed up and then he shifted his focus to haaaaating Dawn. One thing I've always wondered: what exactly happens after final tribal council when Jeff walks away with the votes? And then what happens when you get back to the US, do you just go your separate ways at the airport? I was really pulling for you your second time around but I just thought it was really cool how you appreciated the way you were voted out and didn't pout about it. Maybe 5 returnees, their loved ones, and then 5 new pairs of players. Was there tension between you and people in that group? I was going to UWSP, and I saw an article in the paper about a student being on Survivor. I started survivor at Gabon, so I wasn't aware as a viewer that could even happen until I saw it happen to Corinne.

Anyways Cochran is also one of my favorite survivors, and I wondered whether or not you two are still friends because you seemed to get along well in the show and I know that you tweeted a lot of pictures of you guys hanging out for a little while after that season. :)Yeah Cochran is someone I can see myself being friends with for a while. I seem to remember Fishbach and Eliza being pretty hostile on Twitter towards you. My brother was always telling me I should watch it. And I have made a bunch of friends just because we are Survivor nerds. Did survivor give you any trust issues, and if so how long did it take after a season to clear your head?

One of the worst seasons ever, for a large variety of reasons.

I think Caramoan is more polarizing than uniformly disliked, there's a lot of fans who love it. No question, except, do you remember being a hot box girl in Guys & Dolls in our summer theatre a few years back?

That video made it look like we were getting it onnnnnnnn. It's not an act, per say, but he does know how to play to the cameras. It's really hard to say no when you get the call, but I'm not sitting here thinking about it too much. I might watch the Survivor finale with the NYC crew if I wrap this up in time. I'm surprised people didn't like Caramoan more. I don't think it really had interesting characters; Dawn was one of the most fascinating ever on the show, I thought you had an interesting storyline (not just ass-kissing), and I liked Laura for an early boot, but other than that...

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