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The human mind assembles a few relationships to fit the context of a discussion. Even when only a single topic is being discussed, each participant in a conversation employs a different mental model to interpret the subject. And even when consensus is reached, the underlying assumptions may be fallacies that lead to laws and programs that fail.

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Mental models are fuzzy, incomplete, and imprecisely stated.

Furthermore, within a single individual, mental models change with time, even during the flow of a single conversation.

A mental model may be correct in structure and assumptions but, even so, the human mind—either individually or as a group consensus—is apt to draw the wrong implications for the future.

Thus, online conversations often involve a variety of assumptions and motives unique to each individual user.

Without social context, users are often helpless to know the intentions of their counterparts.

In addition to the problems of conflicting mental models often present in online discussions, the inherent lack of face-to-face communication online can encourage hostility.

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It can also be the swapping of insults back and forth or with many people teaming up on a single victim.

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