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In reality, most healthy quality males will respect you for your hard work, accomplishments, and independence however typically that’s not what they are seeking from you as a perspective partner.

What could I possibly give him other than my respect, love, attention, affection, joy, and laughter…? While he agreed to the truths in my statement, I was failing to see that there is no amount of business success or wealth that he or I could build that would be as rewarding and valuable to him as the intangibles I offered.

I was one of the most beautiful women he had ever met and he was seeking a lady who could give him what he could not give himself. I realized that day I needed to honor, embrace, and value the beautiful feminine energy/emotional gifts I bring to a relationship.

It’s been one of my most invaluable dating and relationship lessons I have learned.

See, far too often many single women out there in the dating world get caught in the trap of feeling they have to prove their strength and independence through their accomplishments.

When you are being your natural, alluring, feminine self, he feels inspired to shower you with love and devotion.

But this is not what we let ourselves be – especially not if we’re used to being independent, go-getters in the rest of our lives.

In fact, a man yearns to experience his feeling side through you.

When he sees that you’re able to fully experience whatever you’re doing in the moment – whether it’s letting yourself cry during a movie or swooning over a piece of chocolate cake – he’s mesmerized.

Most healthy, strong, accomplished men are attracted to and fall in love with women who respects them and are willing to be vulnerable, share, and give from their heart and emotional side – to engage them with feminine energy.

Yet, many strong single women are scared to be vulnerable, to express their emotions, and too often don’t know how to do either safely.

Anything that puts you in touch with your sensual self works – dance classes, massages, spending time in nature, even taking a long bath.

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