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The royals, who champion the marathon's official charity Heads Together, put their hands together to sound the klaxon and set 40,000 hopefuls on their gruelling 26-mile journey at 10am this morning.They then watched the race from a half-way point where they gave runners high fives as a radiant Kate waved encouragement with a large blue foam hand.

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Organisers said a total of 40,382 people collected their race packs on Saturday, meaning the 37th event is poised to outstrip last year's record of 39,140 competitors.

Among the runners undertaking the daring feat this year is 47-year-old Gary Mc Kee, who will be finishing his 100th marathon distance in 100 days.

William, Kate and Harry stood at the side of the road near Shadwell as a giant sound system boomed out motivational songs including YMCA and Sex On Fire.

They laughed, cheered and whooped as the exhausted participants faced their final four miles.

One woman called him her 'hero' saying the touching scenes brought tears to her eyes.

Hundreds of police including armed patrols lined the streets of London for the biggest anti-terror operation in the 36-year history of the race.this year's London Marathon is officially underway!The Duchess Of Cambridge helped kicked things off along with her husband Prince William and his brother Prince Harry.Just 200 metres before the finish line cub runner David Wyeth's legs turned to jelly and he stumbled from side to side before almost crumbling to the floor.But Matthew Rees of the Swansea Harriers stopped running, turned around and put his arm around his fellow competitor, ensuring he continued those final few yards. All just another day at the office for the gutsiest journeyman athlete of the early twentieth century.

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