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The film is produced by Dynamo Capital (Colombia) and Calvo Films (Peru), and is directed by Javier Fuentes-León.Cardona appeared in an episode of Tiempo Final titled "La entrega" in the second season of the show which also co-starred his girlfriend Katarina Sacht.

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Manolo studied finances and international relations. Manolo's mother, Nancy Molano, is a psychologist, merchant and astrologer.

His father, Javier Enrique Cardona, has devoted his life to politics, and was the mayor of Popayán. The elder, Francisco, is an agent and engineer, and the younger, Juan José, studied film direction in the University of Catalonia in Barcelona, Spain.

Tiempo Final was a remake of the Chilean series of the same name, and aired on Fox. He produced and directed a short film called Risas Inocentes (Innocent laughter) with his brother Juan.

He acted in La Ultima Muerte alongside Kuno Becker, in 2009. Cardona was in third season of Spain's version of Sin tetas no hay paraiso, which aired on Telecinco. The short premiered in Colombia in 2009 and was produced by his company " (onceonce) films".

One of his greatest passions is playing football (soccer). It was his elder brother who introduced Manuel to a modeling agency; he was then quickly signed on to a contract.

At the age of fourteen he shot his first television commercial and began modeling professionally for TV commercials, photography, and including runways for several agencies in Colombia.Cardona was born in Popayán, Cauca, Colombia on April 25, 1977.At the age of seven, Cardona's family gave him "Manolo" as a nickname. When he was 18, he moved to Cali, Colombia, to finish his studies.He is also known for his role as Sebastián on the Mexican telenovela Gitanas.In 2005, the film Rosario Tijeras, Cardona's big-screen debut, was released in Colombia.When Cardona was eighteen, in 1995, he began his acting career on a popular Colombian Television series called Padres e Hijos in which he starred for three years.

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