Magic Piano – Magic Android piano

There are many different applications on Google Play that allow everyone to play certain musical instruments. In most cases, such applications are not very convenient to use, but there are also pleasant exceptions. For example, Magic Piano, which I will talk about in this review.

I want to note right away that Magic Piano is suitable not only for advanced musicians who are familiar with musical notation and constantly play keyboards. The developers have taken care of the beginners, we will create a special arcade mode for them. In my opinion, it is the arcade mode that is the main feature of this application, but let’s talk about everything in order …

More advanced musicians can get started with Magic Piano in Solo mode. In this mode, the developers have provided four different key layouts: line, circle, spiral and “invisible”, in which you need to play almost by touch.

But acquaintance with the arcade mode should start with the choice of the track. There is a fairly large music library in the application, but some of the tracks available there can only be purchased for special coins. In this mode, you just need to click on the glowing dots on the screen, thereby playing melodies.

And finally, the “World” mode, which is still in development, but soon it will be available to all users of Android devices. In this mode, you can play in tandem with one of dozens of musicians from the network.

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