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For anyone who doesn’t know, follows the lives and loves of mostly 20-something “posh” kids in Chelsea.

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Writing chapters entitled "No Pubes and a Soggy Biscuit" and "Rachel Stevens and Mopping up Vomit (Not Hers)" is enough to drive anyone to drink.

Yet this addition to the seemingly endless shelves of celebrity drivel is almost saved by the humour and self-awareness that runs through it. The 26-year-old, most famous until now for his make-up tips for men, has been a mainstay in all four series of the E4-scripted reality programme (think The Only Way Is Essex staged on a yacht with people who make Boris Johnson look common).

For anyone who’s not up to speed, she’s the one that Francis started seeing when he realised that he couldn’t be with Sophia who was dating Proudlock, but then Sophia realised that actually she preferred Francis, who was dating Ashley, and so dumped Proudlock at just the same moment that Francis ended it with Ashley. “I don’t think people are expecting what they’re about to see.

Not with me, but things have gone to a new level in a very serious way,” he warns.

Ollie Locke, the Made in Chelsea star, really shouldn’t be this hard to track down.

He doesn’t appear to do an awful lot so he can’t be busy.

He said: "We had seen each other like ships in the night, but we weren’t getting any quality time together.

It is good sometimes to have space, but it is also difficult when you miss someone for that long. "You would have a day off and try and have the best day of your life, But then you’d just start arguing.

And with a fake tan that could blind a man at 30 yards, surely someone must have seen him. It’s the morning after the launch party of his tell-all book, Laid in Chelsea, and when we finally do catch up 24 hours later, it all becomes clear: “Oh God, I think I’m still hungover,” he gushes.

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