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Even more recently than these examples, we've seen M/M spanking scenes on television on shows like "Titus" and "The Office".

As quirky as these shows were, they were still mainstream.

The principal isn't pleased and has the young man conveyed to his office for a meeting with the Board Of Education. In fact, when she died, her obituary mentioned the spanking.

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Many films through the ages, such as James Cagney's "Public Enemy" and Walter Huston's "Of Human Hearts" featured the male protagonist being spanked by his father as a youngster.

Classic novels like "Tom Sawyer", "Barry Lyndon" and "David Copperfield" featured M/M spanking scenes and when the films were made of these novels, the directors had no qualms about including the spanking scenes.

Accompanying those entries were some stills from mainstream films in which paddlings were presented.

I got taken seriously to task by several of my readers for daring to include the scenes because they were M/M scenes. Well, I guess I'll use those old entries to prove the point I'm about to make.

That's Ben Affleck, as senior O'Bannion, taking his turn with freshman Mitch Kramer (well played by Wiley Wiggins). By the way, the female freshmen aren't paddled in this film, but they are subjected to humiliating exercises called "air raids", which the senior girls inflict with just as much sadistic pleasure as their male counterparts. The boy in the photo should look familiar to fans of "Grey's Anatomy". Mc Dreamy (also known as actor Patrick Dempsey) getting the strap.

The group jump the kid after a baseball game, in which Kramer was the winning pitcher. We get the scene in slow motion and set to Alice Cooper's "No More Mr. Next, another coming of age tale (beginning to notice a pattern here? Next up, William Makepece Thackery's classic novel about an Irish rogue who finds himself married to an English countess comes to the screen, thanks to director Stanley Kubrick.

Robin Williams gives a stand out performance as a teacher who employs unorthodox teaching methods and encourages his students to "seize the day". And I'm incredibly sorry that I don't have a photo of better quality, but this was the best that I could find. John Mc Entyre is spanking actor Michael Burns (as Barney, one of his workers).

One of the students takes things a step too far when he claims to have gotten a phone call from God. The episode is famous because the young lady in the scene, Deborah Walley, also got a spanking.

I'm not suggesting that they were successful because they contained a scene in which a male spanked another male.

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