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tests is about the same as the number who received free colonoscopies to screen for colon cancer, amounting to about 5 percent of all those on Medicare. Between 20, chlamydia infections among Americans 65 and over increased by 31 percent, and syphilis by 52 percent. I mentioned these numbers to a friend, and she was not surprised.

Experts suggest there are four main factors contributing to the rise in S. They cram a lot of similarly aged people together, and when they do, things naturally happen.

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More often than not, the phrases coined to describe the rising ranks of grown adults living with their parents are subtle backhanded insults. Here are a handful of phrases that have popped up in recent years to categorize the millions of adults who live with their parents—typically moving back home for financial reasons after living on their own for a few years, or perhaps a few decades.

You might imagine quiet reading, crossword puzzles, bingo, maybe some shuffleboard. Several major surveys, including the National Social Life, Health and Aging Project and the National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior, report that among people age 60 and older, more than half of men and 40 percent of women are sexually active. As you might expect, though, doctors are not very good at talking about sex in general and protected sex in particular — especially to the elderly.

Second, older people are living longer and are in better health.

They obviously don’t have to worry about pregnancy. So seniors might think they have no reason to use condoms. Clinicians must be aware of these trends and not overlook S. These facilities could also consider making condoms readily available, as they often are on college campuses.

According to the 2010 National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior, among college-age Americans, condoms are used in about 40 percent of sexual encounters, but only in about 6 percent of sexual encounters among those 61 and older. epidemic among the Social Security generation that rivals what we imagine is happening in those “Animal House” fraternities. We also need a big public health campaign on safe sex aimed not just at college students but at older people who are living independently.

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