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I’m pretty sure everyone here already knows how much I enjoy masturbating.In fact, I think masturbation may possibly be my favorite recreational activity.

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Of course he kept saying, "just one more game." The next thing I knew another hour had passed and.....

Just in case you haven't figured it out yet, I am on a never ending quest to find the perfect vibrator.

I had chatted with Scott via email a couple of times and he seemed really cool.

I asked him if he’d send me some pics so I could get a better idea of who I was chatting with.

Jake thought it may possibly be a “signature required” package he was expecting from Fed Ex so one of us had to answer the door.

Since he had a raging hard-on I ran downstairs to get the door and was pleasantly surprised to find it was my girlfriend Sammy.One of my members recently e-mailed asking if my girlfriend Sammy and I would do a private live came show just for him.Mark wrote about how his biggest erotic fantasy was to do a live cam show with Sammy and I.I honestly buy at least two or three new toys each week as I'm constantly searching for the ultimate orgasm machine.Yeah, I guess you can call it an addiction but hey a gal can never have too many fuck toys at her disposal.Like last weekend when I wanted him to cuddle on the couch and watch a movie with me.

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