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Haughty fool of the upper classes of a ruling dynasty Haughty mannerisms Haughty one Haughty ones Haughty outburst Haughty pose Haughty refusal Haughty response Haughty sorts Haul Haul in Haul of southwest silver? Have a birthday Have a bite Have a bite of Have a break at , say Have a breakdown Have a bug Have a canyonlike effect Have a chair by, as a tab Have a change of heart Have a change ___Have a cigarette in shelter of the greenery Have a cold Have a connection Have a connection (to)Have a cow Have a craving for Have a date Have a date, say Have a date? Hatred upset old prison guards of little depth Hatreds Hats' stats Hatted bell ringers Hatter affair Hattie Mc Daniel's "Show BHaughtily, ladies entering a horse-drawn carriage Haughtiness Haughty Haughty affectation Haughty and heartless pair, couple making comeback Haughty female pursuing Murphy in Mumbai? Has some laughs Has some luck fishing Has some success Has space for Has speech difficulties Has star power Has substance Has supper Has that hurt Poles? Has the authority Has the earmarks of Has the ingredients, with Has the last laugh Has the oars Has the rear end move sid Has the skill Has the stage Has the tiller Has the wheel Has the wrong case Has thirds or fourths, sa Has thoughts Has time to get ecstasy - and speed Has to Has to do (with)Has to have Has to keep English in very poor game Has to repeat, maybe Has too much, briefly Has trouble getting start Has trouble running Has trouble sleeping, may Has trouble standing Has trouble with words Has vaguely accepted meaning attached to one Oriental city Has way too much of, slan Has words (with)Has words?

Hatch from Utah Hatch in legislative proc Hatch in politics Hatch in the Senate Hatch in Washington Hatch of eggs Hatch on the Hill Hatch on the Senate floor Hatch or Byrd: Abbr.

Hat dance hat Hat decoration Hat designed Lilly Hat designer Hat edge Hat fabric Hat for a French soldier Hat for a military specia Hat for a siesta Hat in work held by peg Hat left in shady spot Hat Norma ruined in race Hat part Hat quietly grabbed by heavy drinker Hat that may be tipped Hat tied under the chin Hat trick component Hat with a curled brim Hat with a plume Hat with a pompon Hat worn in "Casablanca"Hat's edge Hat, one for hood Hat, symbolically Hat-tipper's word Hat-tipper, say Hatch Hatch a plot Hatch at a hearing Hatch closer?

Harvard muralist Harvard or Stanford: Abbr Harvard rival Harvard Science Center ar Harvard Sq.

Harsh words Harsh, grating Harsh-sounding Harsh-sounding bird that Harshest sentence Harshly bright Harshly criticize Harshly loud Harshness Hart co-anchor, once Hart family sitcom Hart Trophy awarder: Abbr Hart Trophy winner, 1970-Harte of fiction Harte's John Oakhurst, fo Hartebeest kin Hartford-based Fortune 50Harts Harts and hinds Harts' mates Harts' sweethearts Harum-___ (reckless)Harvard and Wharton degs. Harvard color Harvard degree earned by Harvard hater?

HH & R Block workers H as in Hera H H HH H H, to Greeks H look-alike H&R Block employees H's position H'wood type H , e.g. Have a proper place (in)Have a quick look back Have a quick look from th Have a reflection?

H, to Greeks H, to Hellenes H, to Herodotus H, to Homer H-dos-O? Have a relation to Have a spoken conversation via the internet Have a spot ___Have a spree Have a striking appearance Have a strong desire for Have a sudden inspiration Have a swayback Have a t Have a tab Have a table for one Have a taste of Have a thing for Have a title Have a touch of colour and be miserable Have a trying experience Have a tussle Have a word with Have a yearning Have a yen Have a yen (for)Have a yen for Have a ___ (attempt)Have a ___ stand on Have a ___ to pick Have ambitions Have an "altar-cation"? Have a foul smell Have a gander Have a go Have a go at Have a go at it near to engineers Have a go, grabbing girl where skin is dressed Have a goal Have a good cry Have a good day on the li Have a great and unexpected success Have a gut feeling Have a hand out, say Have a hankering Have a hearth Have a hearty laugh Have a heated phone excha Have a home-cooked meal Have a home-cooked meal, Have a hunch Have a kid Have a knish, say Have a late bite Have a late meal Have a life Have a little something Have a loan from Have a long face Have a look Have a look-see Have a mad crush on Have a meal at home Have a meal in Chelsea trattoria Have a mortgage Have a peak experience? Haul up Haul, slangily Haulage unit Hauled Hauled (off)Hauled, in a way Hauled-away car, maybe Hauler Hauler's destination Hauling around Hauling fee Hauls Hauls (off)Hauls away Hauls in Hauls to court Haunt Haunt of vice and iniquity done up and made brighter Haunted Haunted house d Haunted house inhabitants Haunted house noise Haunted house sound Haunted house sounds Haunting Haunts Haunts of the addicted, heartless men Oedipus ruined Haus-hold article Haute cuisine it's not Hauteur Havana aunts Havana export Havana greeting Havana houses Havana residue Havana's home Havana's locale Havana's ___ Castle Havana, informally Havana-to-Miami dir. Have a debt Have a debt to Have a fall Have a feeling Have a feeling about Have a few Have a fling? Hasenpfeffer, for one Hash Hash browns, e.g., typica Hash house Hash house workers Hash ingredients Hash out Hashish source Haskell of "Leave It to BHasn't got a ___ (is poor Hasn't left Hasn't YMCA changed the guy in the sailor outfit? Has working Has zero successes, having ignored Independent Has ___ (is connected)Has ___ for (is skilled a Has ___ with Has, as a party Has, as good health Has-been Has-been cast as female spirit Has-___Has-___ (ones who are was Hasbro division Hasbro or Fisher-Price Hasbro product Hasenpfeffer, e.g. Harry who co-founded Colu Harry ___, Columbia Pictu Harry ___, Gene Hackman r Harry's chum at Hogwarts Harry's fiancee Harry's good at German Harry's heading off swimmer Harry's little medal good for Queen Harry's pal at Hogwarts Harry's successor Harry's turn to find base for craftsman Harry's Veep Harry's wife Harry, Dennis or Beatrix?

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