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A monthly or other periodic fee allows the viewer to watch any number of videos or broadcasts during that month.

What’s the best approach for to make money by broadcasting live video?

There are several methods for monetizing video via live streaming.

Broadcasting live video can be rewarding in so many ways.

Live streamers can gain personal satisfaction, an outlet for creative expression, a means to share information, or simply a platform with which to communicate.

Live streaming can also be rewarding in a more pragmatic way: by generating revenue from your streams.

If you’re interested in monetizing your video content, how do you get started?This was, of course, the monetizing method used by network radio and television stations long before the Internet existed.Again, there are advantages and disadvantages to advertising as a way to generate revenue from a live broadcast.The advantage is that it allows immediate returns and presents the viewer with high-quality viewing.Your broadcast isn’t encumbered by ads or endorsements.You won’t have as many viewers if you charge as you will by offering the broadcast free, all else being equal.

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