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For example the following are the list of Atmel, Microchip and Wiznet OUI: Now the question is how you could get your own MAC address because the Wiznet W5100 chip is shipped without its own MAC address; the answer is you could either register your own MAC address (OUI) to IEEE (of course this is not recommended for the hobbyist as this will be very expensive unless you could effort it) or you could simply use your own computer NIC’s MAC address and just change the last byte of the 6 byte MAC address and cross you finger, hopping this MAC address will be unique within your network as I did.

By using the “ipconfig /all” command in the window command prompt, you could get the information of your computer MAC address in hex notation i.e.

/***************************************************************************** // File Name : wiznetping.c // Version : 1.0 // Description : Wiznet W5100 // Author : RWB // Target : AVRJazz Mega168 Board // Compiler : AVR-GCC 4.3.2; avr-libc 1.6.6 (Win AVR 20090313) // IDE : Atmel AVR Studio 4.17 // Programmer : AVRJazz Mega168 STK500 v2.0 Bootloader // : AVR Visual Studio 4.17, STK500 programmer // Last Updated : 01 July 2010 *****************************************************************************/ #include // Wiznet W5100 Register Addresses #define MR 0x0000 // Mode Register #define GAR 0x0001 // Gateway Address: 0x0001 to 0x0004 #define SUBR 0x0005 // Subnet mask Address: 0x0005 to 0x0008 #define SAR 0x0009 // Source Hardware Address (MAC): 0x0009 to 0x000E #define SIPR 0x000F // Source IP Address: 0x000F to 0x0012 #define RMSR 0x001A // RX Memory Size Register #define TMSR 0x001B // TX Memory Size Register After compiling and downloading the HEX program into the AVRJazz Mega328 board; connect the RJ45 connector UTP ethernet cable to your hubs/switch or you could connect directly with the cross configuration cable to your computer.

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The rapid penetration of the internet networks into many of today’s modern homes and personal gadgets (e.g.

smart phone and smart pads) opening a tremendous useful and interesting embedded system application that could be integrated into our house or known as the intelligent house.

The SAR registers is also known as the MAC (Media Access Control) address, this W5100 register will represent the unique hardware identification in the network.

The MAC address is assigned and managed by Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) for each NIC (Network Interface Card) manufacturer where the first 3 bytes of 6 bytes MAC address is used to identify the organization that issued the identifier and are known as the OUI (Organizationally Unique Identifier).

For example by putting a small embedded system web server in our house, we could easily monitor such as alarm, temperature or even turn on/off the lamp or the garden’s water sprinkle; eventually from any remote location through the wireless personal gadget; Or perhaps you just want to impress your relative or friend with a very accurate digital clock which automatically synchronized the time through the Network Time Protocol (NTP) over the internet at your home or office.

All of these interesting and challenging embedded system applications could be accomplished by integrating the Ethernet protocol which is formed the basic of the communication protocol used in the internet into the embedded system.

The Wiznet W5100 also use two operant commands to differentiate between the WRITE (0x F0) and READ (0x0F) operation.

The Wiznet W5100 SPI write and read routine is implemented in the SPI_Write() and SPI_Read() functions on the above C code.

Update Star includes support for many languages such as English, German, French, Italian, Hungarian, Russian and many more.

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