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Pepper & Cayuga of Sappho's Lips sing yet another lesbian ballad that celebrates all beliefs in Jew Bahai Scient Christian Hindu Wiccadist.

It's Girls Gone Wilde with naughty videos of breasty women reciting Oscar Wilde's most famous sayings.

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The further adventures of the Gay Werewolf turns a wedding upside down during a untimely full moon.

A "Mantiques" shop owners' fragile uber-gay relationship is tested to the limits in I'm a Little Teacup.

Lesbian Speed Dating shows what can happen in 3 minutes. Chad Michael and Michael Chad of Logo Life Tips explain the joys of "Bookmarks." Fitzwilliam, the gender confused British youth, yearns for his Christmas wish.

All in the "Gay" Family wonders what life would be like in the extremely gay household of Archie and Eddie.

Hazel is at it again to fix up her glorious gay son Donavon at the supermarket as she goes Shopping for Donavan.

Logo Life Tips teach us the Asian art of Oragami, or do they?Gender bending young Fitzwilliam makes his way to American Girl Place to see if this store for girls sells the perfect accessory. Captain Sparrow has the surprise of his pirate career as he commandeers a lesbian Olivia Cruise ship.The government in 1950 explores the dangers of an elicit drug in Slim, Trim, and Peppy.Jo and Blair discover the joys of friendship in a Facts of Life parody.Russian former KGB agent and chorus girl Svetlana kills for the gig.Lorna Doones wreaks havoc on New York's Gay Pride as it gets in her way to buy a summer shawl.

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