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He has been in 13 celebrity relationships averaging approximately 1.1 years each. Women like to be treated in a certain way; they want to be treated with respect. God calls us to respect all people, especially women.” The most popular answer to that question was that the man has to accept their opinion.

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The first question I asked was “How do you show respect towards women?

” Two answers seemed to repeat themselves; chivalry (opening the door, pulling out the chair for a woman, etc.) and listening to women’s opinions and thoughts.

Other answers consisted of being careful with your tone, trying to be self-less, and providing your spouse/family with a sense of security.

The second question I asked was “Why is it important to respect women?

WATCH: EXCLUSIVE: Inside Shia La Beouf's 'Cabaret' Arrest“I don’t wanna touch you. This is the kind of s**t that makes a person abusive,” La Beouf tells Goth after he steps out of the car, getting visibly upset.

He is then heard pleading with Goth, now wearing his backpack, to return it to him, repeatedly saying to her, “Can I have my bag please?

Other answers were patience, unconditional love, Godly, Sincere, have a servant’s heart will guard the woman’s heart and will see things through.

I asked the ladies another question, “What are the qualities of a man who does not show them respect?

A., La Beouf says, “I’m going to Texas.” It is unclear whether that was his intended destination.

NEWS: Shia La Beouf Gave an Insane Motivational Speech..Became a Hilarious Meme The group arrives at the airport with the German locals offering to take La Beouf, who seems to have sustained an injury to his hand, to the hospital.

The 29-year-old La Beouf, wearing a baseball cap, T-shirt and shorts, then walks away and meets several German locals, who offer to drive him to the airport.

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