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Try as you might to ignore it, the nocturnal assault continues.

Eventually, you have no choice but to open your eyes.

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"I bought a cartoon calendar, and each time my son slept in his own bed, he got to choose a sticker to place on it that day," she says. Cheese." If stickers no longer do the trick for your child, simply rewarding him for meeting his sleeping goals with a new toy or book, a pizza party, or even a trip to an amusement park should do the trick. To improve co-operation, involve your grade-schooler in decisions regarding family sleep rules. Lots of kids will stay in their own room as long as they know there's snuggle-time built into their morning routine.

"After he'd slept in his own bed four days in a row, I gave him a piece of candy for a reward. "If, for example, you insist he sleep in his own room until 7 a.m.

And whatever bedtime routine you follow, it's imperative that you leave the room before your child falls asleep so he doesn't wake up wondering why you're no longer there. Be prepared to repeat this routine over and over if necessary — and to load up on coffee the next morning.

If your child is sick or has a particularly bad dream, you may decide it's okay to bend the rules. "Setting aside time each day to talk about what worries them can help prevent sleep disturbances." If, however, he does arrive at your bedside, a little "crisis counseling" may convince him to return to bed.

Of course, not even the most competent snoozers are immune to night wakings.

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