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Some people and most of them men are thinking that this position is only for the porn movies and it is nothing so special.

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But scientists have proven that we are programmed to find other emotions.

This can sound to you like too emotional expression but it is the truth itself.

So according to our Essex escorts aged between 18 and 49 and their customers, who are also aged in this group we will show you a brief of the most interesting points and the best sex positions. Because she is doing all the job or at least most of it. We have only heard and never experienced it ourselves that women don’t really like if the man falls asleep and even starts snoring in such an ecstatic moment.

The Essex escorts that work with, absolutely confirmed this as most of their customers are lazy and want them to do all the job.

As you know here the movements and the speed are controlled by you (the man) and they are your responsibility, but the exhausting is much slower.

And many ladies and Essex escorts are amongst them are saying that for them this is a very satisfactory sex position.So you have ended the relationship with your lady, who you were with for a very long time (we mean years, not just few months). Before the end of it, we get in to rails, everything seems the same, everything becomes boring, you have what you want and you don’t need to fight for anything more.So time flies without even realising it and it is boring.But exactly on the other pole are the women, who would much easier and more often forgive the cheating.So why don’t you take advantage and book Essex escorts to cheat on your girlfriend. Spending some time with Essex escorts is not cheating, it is like going out with an old friend.For something more, unfortunately you will need another girl, but and start your new life as a single man.

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