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On October 11 at the Los Angeles LGBT Center, The Lesbian Culture Club will produce its first show.

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Watch Cathy De Buono bring you her vlog I have a complicated problem that I don't understand myself, so I was hoping you could help me feel better.

The Lesbian Culture Club has partnered with LAWN and pillars of lesbian entertainment to celebrate National Coming Out Day.

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So instead of complaining about it (and re-watching Pride & Prejudice while pretending Mr.

Darcy is a butch lesbian named Darcy) I decided to write the kind of story that I would like to be watching on the big screen.Due to Livestream technical difficulties, we will be postponing until Wednesday.I am a 19 year old girl from Norway, but I'm now studying in England.I don't know, meaningless, worthless and I just want to fade away, be with my animals, and just move far away where I never need to talk to a person ever again..I can't go to a therapist, becuase I'm in England, and I don't think I would speak the language good enough for the therapist to I'm way to shy to go to a support group or anything with people.Most recently, you voted her onto the After Les/Bi list and the 2008, 20 After Hot 100.

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