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It included Jump Start Artist (which taught various aspects of art), Languages (which taught Spanish, French, and Japanese), Explorers (which taught various subjects, mostly history), and Animal Adventures (which taught zoology).

The Jump Start Spy Masters series, aimed at older children, was also released.

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In the middle of 2006, the Jump Start World (later renamed Jump Start 3D Virtual World) brand was released, with three new games for grades K-2.

These games featured online features, and were set in a three dimensional world.

The Jump MMOG, similar to its predecessor Jump Start World, features an $8/month membership.

It is not necessary to play the game, but it is necessary in order to access certain features.

In 2003, the Advanced label was adopted by the entirety of the series, and each game was released in a three-disc pack with two related games.

Also in 2003, a new series, "Jump Start Study Helpers", was released.

For example, a large collection of books (with the majority being workbooks) have been created by a cooperative effort between Knowledge Adventure and Scholastic.

They have been manufactured for 4 grade levels: Pre-K, Kindergarten, first grade, and second grade.

It originally consisted of a series of educational PC games, but has expanded to include workbooks, videos, i Pad apps, and other media - including, perhaps most significantly, a massively multiplayer online game located at Jump, first launched March 10, 2009.

The first Jump Start game, Jump Start Kindergarten, was released in 1994.

Starting in 2012, Jump Start began releasing products (including features in their online game and apps) that featured Dream Works Animation properties, such as Madagascar and How to Train Your Dragon.

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