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The consequences are predictable - especially if, as some now urge, MPs' taxpayer-funded salaries should be reduced if they make money privately.Some of the younger talent may leave, quietly telling friends that the loss of earnings, on top of declining status and vanishing privacy, is the straw that broke the camel's back.

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Any MP writing on this matter should own up to his own claims. In 2004, I paid several bills late, including a council tax bill so tardy that I was forced to pay the rest of the year's payments in advance.

The Commons authorities rejected two of my claims - one for a bed, one for a mattress.

A new MPs' debating forum, Westminster Hall, came into being. Much of it, however, is displacement activity - a hamster wheel on which MPs ceaselessly scramble, as if to justify their Parliamentary presence.

And, all the while, they're gradually but inexorably being transformed from elected representatives into professional politicians.

But what is just as depressing is the way the Commons has connived in its own destruction.

First, during the Seventies, the House began the transfer of its powers overseas to what became the EU.In short, the Commons is set to become a chamber of professional politicians, dependent on the taxpayer, and therefore remote from the millions of Britons who aren't - especially the hard-pressed and overtaxed middle classes.The tragic result of the expenses disaster will be that the House will speed in this direction even faster.MPs are public people who must interact with those they represent. The key problem with today's House of Commons is that it's slowly but inexorably travelling towards the wrong destination.And I want to get off before it crashes into the buffers.All-party groups of MPs to discuss 'important issues' multiplied.

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