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On the surface, I am a purity-culture success story: I am a heterosexual woman, a virgin until marriage, now with two small children and a husband I deeply love. [Pope Francis has an unusually positive view of sex] Purity culture taught me that I ought to be passed down from father to husband, more an inheritance than a human.

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They include the perspectives of gay pastors and women of color.

In the conversation on the impact of “I Kissed Dating Goodbye” published in the Toast, Keisha Mc Kenzie notes how purity culture worked to annihilate her cultural understandings of relationships and her body: “We were taught a lot about ‘what we don’t do,’ even though people being people actually did do those things, and were judged or dis-fellowshipped for doing them.

At the time, Harris was just 21, but he was already a rising star.

His parents were pioneers of the evangelical home-schooling movement, and Harris had already founded New Attitude, a countercultural magazine for teens that gave tips for proselytizing and offered in-depth analysis on why pop culture songs like Joan Osborne’s “[What If God Was] One of Us” was unchristian. Here’s why we chose to give birth to black triplets.] As a young home-schooled evangelical, Harris was a paragon of all the Christian virtues — an autodidact, motivated and pure.

a book that was in part a warning about the harm that relationships before marriage could cause.

Harris evoked images of men at the altar bringing all their past partners with them into the marriage to reinforce the point that love and sex before marriage took pieces of your heart and made you less.

Recently, while telling a friend from church about a disagreement with my husband, she suggested having more sex. In church, being overweight feels like a sin.] And I am not the only one working out the threads of this Gordian knot.

She showed me a handout from her pastor on making a happy home. Nearly 20 years after publication, Harris has recently begun distancing himself from the book.

And even before Harris began rethinking his youthful magnum opus, writers like Dianna Anderson, author of “Damaged Goods” and websites like the No Shame Movement have taken purity culture to task for inciting shame and excluding victims of rape, and people who are not cisgendered or white.

The previously static idea of what constitutes purity is beginning to crack, and through those cracks, voices and ideas are beginning to be heard that were formerly shut out of conversations on God and sexuality.

Purity culture also taught me that more than my mind and my talents, my body was my greatest gift.

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