Johnny cache not invalidating

The problem is that Firefox gets stuck in a redirect loop and ends up displaying the error for that.

Hitting try again gets past that and all the way to the login screen, but logging in is unsuccessful.

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Normally we should have re-used the cached 301 which would send us back to "login". The question is whether we should hack around this or not.

I have a patch which does as suggested in last para of comment #17, but it essentially breaks RFC2616 (i.e.

By just replacing 301 with 302 the problem would be resolved since 302s are not cached unless explicitly specified... : The first request for "/" results in a 301 to "cookiechecker".

The request for "cookiechecker" results in a 301 back to "/".

Examples of appropriate bugs: Implement compression of network cache data; or Implement partial HTTP caching.

This is so far something I've only ever seen when trying to log into the admin interface on a Ubiquiti wifi radio and but so far it seems like something that can happen elsewhere as well.

The request for "login" also sets the cookie and results in a 200 and at this point we have a cached 301-response for "/" with the cookie set.

After this we see a number of req/res for resources probably displayed on the login-page, before we get to the POST with credentials.

The redirect-chain doesn't help here because the response to the login-page is a 200.

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