Jensen ackles dating daneel

is exploring brand new territory in Season 13 with a nephilim is in the mix, and we already know of some animated craziness that's on the way.Now a brand new character has been announced, and she'll be played by none other than Danneel Ackles, a.k.a. Danneel Ackles has been cast as a character known as "Sister Jo," and she'll turn up later in Season 13, presumably after the events of next week's midseason finale have died down a little bit.

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If she needs to help the Winchesters another day, then that works.” was already on its way, and I thought, “That’s his thing.” But now, Eugenie [Ross-Leming] and Brad [Buckner], who are executive producers of the show, came up with this character and pitched it to me, and I thought, “Yeah! This is the reason to do it.” She’s a badass female character who just knows what she wants, and they kind of wrote it with me in mind, they say.

So I was just really attracted to it, and wanted to give it a shot. Not in a “I’ll step on whoever I have to make things great for me” [way].

The long-running paranormal drama stars Jensen Ackles (husband of Danneel Ackles) and Jared Padalecki as two brothers who hunt downs supernatural creatures.

The cast also includes Misha Collins, Mark Pellegrino, and Alexander Calvert.

Eric Kripke chose the date because it’s his wife’s birthday.

Many other actors will play characters much older or younger than themselves, but both Jensen and Jared are just a year older than their respective characters. J2 don’t just play brothers, they’re best friends and close enough as brothers in real life.

so much so that he strikes an unlikely deal with her. And we’re also not liking the way Lucifer seems to have a forcible grip on Jo.

Luckily, Dean and Sam come to her aid — but will it be too late?

Her casting actually marks the second time that the wife of one of the main stars was slated to appear on the show.

Although Genevieve Cortese first appeared as the demon Ruby in Season 4 on , although a handful are pretty much guaranteed resurrections whenever they die, and the women tend to meet unfortunate ends.

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