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"It's living proof that she lived in the bad-hair decade," she said. " The Detroit Free Press reported late Thursday that the video was posted by Marty Nislick of Bayside, N.Y., a Democrat who found the footage on the Facebook page of a friend who was one of the contestants not chosen by Granholm.During the six-and-a-half minute speech, she attacked Mitt Romney’s handling of the auto industry crisis while praising President Obama’s bailout, all while wildly gesturing, pulling extreme faces and throwing impassioned fist-pumps.

"It was the first time she'd seen it since she'd been on the program," said Boyd, noting that no one in Granholm's circle had ever seen it before.

Boyd and Granholm could not stop laughing after watching the video, Boyd said. My hair could've been a nest for an entire family of birds!

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Political operatives have long thought such a video could possibly be useful to damage Granholm during her rise.

Liz Boyd, who was Granholm's press secretary when she was governor, said she learned of the video on Thursday and sent it to Granholm, who now hosts her own show - "The War Room" on Current TV.

Note to Michigan Republican opposition researchers: Step up your game.

Somehow, no one turned up this epic clip of Jennifer Granholm, the current Current TV host and former Michigan governor, when she was running for office.

LANSING, MI - After video of her 1978 appearance on "The Dating Game" went viral, a good-natured Jennifer Granholm addressed it briefly on her TV show Friday night. Related: • Watch 'curvaceous' Granholm in 1978 appearance on 'The Dating Game' • Granholm at DNC: Star turn, Howard Dean meltdown or just a hilarious animated gif?

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