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A somber saga of past history starring MISS MASQUE, written by Lou Mougin, with art by Dan Gorman and Jeff Austin. Meanwhile, as TARA takes some R&R on her Jungle Island preserve, she stumbles upon a small group of mysterious paramilitary types up to no good there.

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Standard comic book size and saddle-stitched for $9.95 from AC Comics. Monster From Synn’s Mind”, created, written AND drawn by AC’s progenitor, BILL BLACK!!

Then, NIGHTVEIL finally wanders back to FFHQ, where ROBERTA STROCK breaks the news about RIO RITA’S demise to the mystic miss, leading to a nocturnal visit to Brazil, hitherto unknown revelations about past FF history AND the mysterious machinations of a shadowy villain in “Here Comes The Night”, written by Mark Heike, with art by Javier Lugo and Chris Dreier.

Written by Bill Black, with pencils by Bill and Chris(Ant-Man) Allen and inks by Mark Heike.

Finally, STARSDUST fights solo in “A Matter Of Matter”, written by Andrew Hawnt, with pencils by exciting newcomer Florentino Cuevas II and inks by Francesco Savi.

Finally, an “encore presentation” of a classic story originally seen only in the Bizarre Thrills TPB, ” Team Paragon: Time And Time Again”, which ties up tons of loose plotlines from the original Pre-AC Comics Paragon Publications line AND ties all that in with the AC Universe. VICTORY, TARA, NIGHTVEIL, BLONDE BOMBER, The STARMASTERS, The SHIMMERER, SCARLET SCORPION, GORGANNA, NO-NOSE NANNETTE, CAPTAIN PARAGON, BLACK COMMANDO, ASTRON, The SHADE and other AC/PARAGON greats come together in this feature-length extravaganza, written and inked by Bill Black and penciled by Eric Coile. It’s here- the latest issue of comicdoms’ longest- running superheroine team book- FEMFORCE #179!!

All totalled, it’s more than 80 pages of great “good girl” art action, adventure and intrigue in sharp, clean black and white with color covers, standard comic book size, saddle stitched. After helping win a years-long battle for the freedom of her mentor’s homeworld, NIGHTVEIL returns to the FF, but the homecoming is not all hearts and flowers as the problems and concerns of the team frustrate Laura in her attempt to get THEM to help her solve her own, in “New World Record”, by Stephanie Heike and Scott Shriver.

A classic heroine of comics and film returns to AC Comics pages as NYOKA THE JUNGLE GIRL returns in a special guest-story, “The Golden Mace”, written by long-time industry veteran Lou Mougin, with art by Francesco Savi.

See NYOKA’S underwater battle with Golden Age villainess TAHITI BELLE!!

Then, STARDUST faces a final, climactic battle with TRAXIS in “The Void Armada”, also written by Andrew Hawnt, with art by Jacob Bear.

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