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While you seem to think your political opinions are still perceptive and edgy, they’re mostly recognizable as the default liberal opinions of the LA set you hang with these days.

But having read a few books by Howard Zinn or Noam Chomsky does not make you somehow more enlightened than the average Joe with whom you claim affinity but toward whom you actually condescend. But whichever it is, Henry, your self-serving stories about visiting the troops through the USO and knocking around the Third World to see how the other half lives—once so entertaining—have become intolerable these past couple of years.

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Considering Henry’s locale that must narrow it down somewhat. I think that Janeane Garofalo’s name would have been high on the list but she is a NY girl which would make dating difficult.

Considering the breadth of subject matter Rollins fans have been privy to (spilling the seed in the sink of a rented NYC apartment and the mental image of a multi-stained futon) I can think of only a handful of times when female companions have been mentioned.

; born September 28, 1964) is an American actress, stand-up comedian, and writer.

Garofalo began her career as a stand-up comedian and became a cast member on The Ben Stiller Show, The Larry Sanders Show, and Saturday Night Live, then appeared in more than 50 movies, with leading or major roles in The Truth About Cats and Dogs, Wet Hot American Summer, The Matchmaker, Reality Bites, Steal This Movie!

She said she does not tell jokes as much as make observations designed to get laughs.

She was part of the alternative comedy scene in Los Angeles in the early 1990s, appearing at Un-Cabaret and other venues, and she co-created the Eating It weekly stand-up comedy series, which ran at the Luna Lounge on the Lower East Side of New York City between 19, frequently hosting the show and appearing as a performer.

But what you lacked in consistency and talent, you made up for with prodigious output and an unparalleled intensity.

It was this intensity that made you a source of fascination for many. To cut yourself out of stone” and to “Keep your blood clean, your bodies lean, and your minds sharp.” Heady stuff for impressionable youths.

I thought it might be cathartic for us both if I explored the subject in the form of an open letter, something like the one you once penned to Ann Coulter (not that I don’t think she’s a shrieking harpy myself).

Since you share your angst with others on stages all across the world while clad only in a pair of skimpy shorts, I figure you’ll have no qualms about this. A number of great punk bands emerged in the early 80s, but Black Flag was not one of them (cool logo, though).

At this point you have a lot more in common with Tori Spelling than you do with Sid Vicious. The same can be said of the inanities about universal brotherhood you derive from these experiences: Your hysteria over contraception and the fact you “feel bad for women” and worry “we’re going back in time” is a facile pose, Henry.

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