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He felt himself to be an outsider, not only musically, but socially.

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Bruce Lee & Linda Cadwell Lee The original god father of Asian celebrity in Western culture, Linda and Bruce dated during a period where they faced immense social pressure to do so.

It began to revive significantly in the 1960s, helped by new recordings of his works.

Some of his works have, in recent years, been taken up again internationally, but the music continues to be played more in Britain than elsewhere.

He nevertheless married the daughter of a senior British army officer.

She inspired him both musically and socially, but he struggled to achieve success until his forties, when after a series of moderately successful works his Enigma Variations (1899) became immediately popular in Britain and overseas.

He followed the Variations with a choral work, The Dream of Gerontius (1900), based on a Roman Catholic text that caused some disquiet in the Anglican establishment in Britain, but it became, and has remained, a core repertory work in Britain and elsewhere.

His later full-length religious choral works were well received but have not entered the regular repertory.

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