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The identity of the Islamic empire as an independent entity was consolidating during this period, as can be seen from the new currency—used throughout the empire—and that al-Malik translated many important records to Arabic for the first time.But perhaps the most lasting monument that still endures to the reign of Caliph al-Malik is the Dome of the Rock, which even today still dominates the Jerusalem panorama.

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At the time of its construction, the Dome was plated with 100,000 gold dinar coins, so that it appeared then much as it does today.

The interior of the dome is lavishly decorated with mosaic tiles.

Though his reign was rife with wars and political discord, Caliph Abd al-Malik is widely regarded as a capable ruler who instituted many reforms and introduced a special currency for the Muslim.

But Abd al-Malik may be best known for constructing the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem, to tower above the city as an imposing symbol of Islamic conquest.

When Abd al-Malik took the throne of the Islamic empire in 685 A.

D., it signified an era of relative stability after the battles of succession that had torn Islam apart.

After years of chaos and uncertainty, the Umayyad Dynasty at last took control of the Islamic empire.

The first in this dynasty was Marwan I, followed by his son Abd al-Malik.

He sent for Khalid bin Yazid bin Muawiyah to consult him.

Khalid's council was: "Forbid their Dinars and strike a new coinage which mentions Allah". Then al-Hajjaj struck Dirhams which included the above mentioned Koranic Aya, but the people did not favor that.

The chosen site of the Dome was to have great significance, as the rock in question is known in Judaism as the Foundation Stone, wellspring of the world’s creation, site of Jacob’s dream of a ladder of angels.

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