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Unlike her other colleagues, Etsuko goes out of her way to explore the manuscript by going to actual locations to verify facts.

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What do you do when your dream company offers you a job, yet when you arrive, you are assigned a role completely the opposite of what you wanted to do? Then ’s actresses, Satomi Ishihara (石原さとみ), is for you!

If you rejected the job, then it might mean you could never work for your favorite company. Popular actor and model Suda Masaki (菅田将暉), model Honda Tsubasa (本田翼), actress Eguchi Noriko (江口のりこ), Rurouni Kenshin (るろうに剣心) actor Aoki Munetaka (青木崇高), and Amuse senpai, Kishitani Goro (岸谷五郎), are also part of the cast of the said drama series.

Meanwhile, Etsuko pours her frustrations onto Toyoko and the company receptionist, Imai Seshiru (今井セシル).

For Etsuko’s first work assignment, she has to proofread the manuscript of a popular mystery novel writer named Hongo Daisaku (本郷大作).

However, to her dismay, she is told that she went to the wrong department, and is asked to go to the inelegant proofreading department instead.

The proofreading department’s main job is check for misspellings, missing characters, errors or inconsistencies in the manuscripts before they get published.

Honda Tsubasa plays Etsuko’s classmate in high school and colleague at work, Morio Toyoko.

She is an editor in the fashion editorial department and the editor who invited Orihara Yukito to be an exclusive model for their magazine.

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