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If you enjoy this website, help us keep it going by making a donation today. Visit their website at people write to tell me about a sign or gas globe or other paraphernalia that they own and ask me what it might be worth. My best suggestion if you have such a piece and want to sell it, is to visit Ebay, the online auction place. Also there is a search tool below, which can search for names or words on every page of (Australia) Corner Pantry Coryell Corypenn Cosden Cosmo Costco Country Mark Crown Cruizers Crystal Flash Cut Rate Cumberland Farms Curtesy Curt's Danny & Clyde's Danny's Dar Bees Dash Day and Night Daytona Gas Deep Rock Dees Oil Dean Dean-O Deem Delano Delco Delta Derby Diamond Shamrock Direct Discount Zone Dividend Dixcel Dixie Dodge's Store Domo Dorco Double D Double T Douglas Drake's DS(Mileage) Dube's Duke Dunford DX Eagle Eason East Coast Econo Econogas Edison Fuel Stop Elk El Paso Elreco Empire Emporium Enco Energy Plus 24 Eneos (Japan) Enmark Enrite Entec ERG Erickson Esso Ethridge Etna EZCO EZ Mart EZ Serve Express Exprezit Exxel Exxon Extra Foods Gasbars Family Express Fas Gas Fast Lane Miller Bros. Gas U Pump It U-Pump Utoco U-Wag-M Waco Wagner's Meat Walker's Wal-Mart Wareco Wave Wawa Way-Lo Webb Weedman's Wesco West Indies Westar Western Westland Whet Co. Penn Williams Wilshire (Polly Gas) Winco Wings Wood River World WP Envirofuels Can't find your favorite?

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It’s also easy to set up, and it works reliably on most simple wireless networks and almost any modern laptop, smartphone, or tablet (yes, including Chromebooks).

Since it’s a laser printer, it’s well suited to running every day, sitting idle for weeks at a time, or anything in between.

The way to get there is to go to https://com Then do a search for petroliana.

Then look through the hundreds of things on auction and get an idea of what similar items to yours are selling for.

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