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Cimorelli is a singing group that became well-known through You Tube.

They are currently signed to Universal Music's Island label.

Their covers and original songs feature their signature harmonies and are more often then not acappella.

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“And I’m not like mad that you guys don’t ship me and Camila.

I don’t like Camila like that.” “It’s not like me and her are in a f****** love triangle with Shawn.

’ and ‘They look like brother and sister, like oh my god’…” Jacob complains.

“It’s just so irritating seeing some of the responses, even from my own fans.” Jacob also denies being romantically attracted to Camila.

Harmony parts are assigned according to vocal range and lyrical age-appropriateness.

Because the girls do not swear and have many younger fans, they sometimes change the lyrics of a song they are covering to make it more age-appropriate.

They also have five brothers, who sometimes appear in the girls' videos.

The original members of the group were Christina, Katherine, Lisa, Amy and Lauren, who launched the band in 2007.

Are Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello officially dating?

’s revelation clashes with what Shawn said just a few days ago. Earlier this year, Shawn declared that he would marry Camila. At the recent MTV Video Music Awards, Camila and Shawn praised each other for being “amazing” – but they still only referred to themselves as “good friends.

How would you pose with Austin Mahone if you got the chance to meet him?

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