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I think the point he's getting at, is that the fact that this should be mundane by now. It was a thing to be celebrated in the 60s, but now it's normal. In fact being "color-blind" is some 90s era kum-bah-yah white people failed experiment shit that actual colored people aren't down with.You should see color for people come in different shades and have different experiences based on it - just don't hate based on it.

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Human beings are thoroughly insecure and color of skin is one of the easiest areas to push all that negativity towards. I guess I don't hang out with racist people, so the white/black interactions I see on a daily basis is not different than same-race interactions. But again, I would never be friends with someone who was racist...

Even the most ignorant and scummy citizens can identify with it easily, no need for logic or rational thought. But white and black people have been getting married for a while, so yeah.. I live just outside of Flint, Michigan ,my office is in downtown Flint... I've been to a handful of mixed race weddings. So I'm sure my experience is different I live in the Bay Area, so maybe it's just me being from a super liberal area, but I've never in my life heard anyone make even a negative comment about an interracial couple.

Yesterday we went to eat at a hibachi restaurant (with their half black half Indian baby) and a man and his son (both white) were straight up staring at them all lunch.

It's disappointing that people can be so freaked out about an interracial marriage.

I could care less what other guys think of me but it hurts me when my girlfriend is scrutinized publicly for being with me, as if she isn't allowed to decide who she wants to be with. I'm no expert on race relations but I am adamant that if this attitude continues, race relations among blacks and whites within the US will never improve. Black male/white female couples are fairly common representations of an interracial relationship, but black female/white male couples aren't represented as much in movies and TV shows.

Thank you for being open minded and recognizing the hypocrisy. The only ones I can think of are Guess Who (remake), Lakeview Terrace and Boy Meets World.

Yeah I've heard that usually colour blindness just means black people are invisible to you."I don't see race.

People tell me I'm white, and I believe them, because I wear pleated khakis and the police call me "Sir"."- Stephen Colbert My sister is married to a black man (we're Indian).

Trying to understand your comment- are you saying that other countries don't think race is an issue?

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