Is demi lovato and joe jonas dating

She /is/was/isn't/wasn't dating with him who cares. and this News is old look at the details They wrote Demi Lovato(16)!! i think New Couple News probably be Demi and Joe is/was dating for right now Guess what I really don't even know but demi could be with any one she wants we(her fans) dont make her choice!She could be with the uglest guy in the world and I would be happy for her beacause she is an amazing beautiful great smart actress!

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, when she punched a backup dancer in the face and gave her a black eye.

Lovato also revealed that it was her relationship with the Jonas Brothers that helped her through her addiction.

I wouldn't make assumptions from just this artical. thats all i got to say No she is not dating trace any more, they dated ages ago but not now.

she admitted in an interview that her and sterling were dating but i dont know if they still are.

“I just came to a breaking point; the next 12 months were extremely difficult,” she said, about seeking treatment at 18, and admitted that she had been abusing substances daily.

franchise between 20 and the two had grown up together on Disney Channel since their early teens.

Demi admitted that she “friggin’ fell in love with [Joe], in real life,” although the two had broken up after a month or two of dating.

“It became really good you know between she and I for a while and growing closer than we’ve ever been," Nick said, about his experiences on tour with Demi, before the punching incident.

“It was my choice to break up, but I love her as a friend,” he said. I will continue to be her friend and be there for her."It wasn’t just lip service: Demi and Joe have repeatedly been spotted together since their breakup.

They even got stuck together in an elevator in 2016 with a few members of Joe’s band DNCE for four hours, which Joe documented on Snapchat.

premiered on You Tube on Tuesday and the 25-year-old singer didn't hold back.

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